Pi Day take 3(.141592…)

Take 3… why does this sound familiar?  Oh right, idiotic computers messed me up on a different post before.  I wonder if I’ll end up with a take 4 this time.  First, my sister closed the internet before I published.  This time, my computer “updated” my post, erasing everything but the title.  Ugh.  Okay, forget putting Pi to a million digits like I had planned to, I’m skipping straight to the fun-facts this time.

  • Formulas involving Pi:  area of circle (a=πr²) circumference of circle (c=πd) volume of sphere (v=πr²h) surface area of sphere (SA=4πr²) and I could go on to list volume and surface area for cones and cylinders, but that would take more time than I feel like spending on this one fact.
  • 3.14 written backwards looks like PI.E  (demonstrated in picture)
  • Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day of the year 1879
  • Finally, I got all my information from http://www.piday.org/million.php
  • Oh!  Found another fact, but after I’d already posted: On February 5, 1897, Indiana’s state legislature tried to change Pi to “5/4 to 4″ or 3.2


I’m supposed to be in detention right now… along with the whole rest of the school.  I’m having a sleepover at Emma’s house (if you look at her post, SHE is the insane one) and we got the calls last night.  I think it added up to ten hours total…  (Emma is attacking me with sandpaper.  It’s hard to- LET GO OF MY CHAIR- concentrate)  See, Emma got a call from the school system saying that she had a two hour detention today.  She freaked out, and I didn’t know what to think.  After a few moments, my mom called and asked why she had a call from the school system about a detention tomorrow.  I put her on with Emma’s mom, and then we went to a soccer game.  On the way there, we discovered that at least three other people also had detentions, and so did the soccer team.  When we finally got back, there was a call saying that the system glitched up.  Before that, though, everyone got at least two detention calls on pretty much every phone.  It adds up to about ten hours.  That just made my day!  😀  And as far as we can tell, Emma was the first to blog about it.  I wonder if any teachers got detention…  I can’t wait until Monday, everybody in English is going to be talking about this.

Hero Assignment

Here I am, blogging late again. This time, though, I have an excuse.  Well, kind of.  I was absent the day we did whatever it was we did in class.  I’ve missed a lot of school recently, and I’ll be gone for half the day tomorrow for a band thing.  Anyways, on with the assignment!

Mandela and King both were struggling for civil rights.  Both were arrested at some point for their beliefs.  However, King had it much easier.  The prison he went to was in much nicer condition, and the people there had respect for basic human rights.  Mandela was put in cramped quarters, treated with no respect, and was stuck in jail for a much longer time.

And now for part II!  Roman Numerals are cool.

The qualities of a hero are not being afraid to stand up for what’s right, protecting what you believe in, looking out for other people as well as yourself, and showing respect to those who oppose you as well as those who are with you.  There are many modern heroes.  They include police, firefighters, and people like that.  There’s also any normal person who tries to make a change in something.

Sorry for the lateness!  Oh, I got a new hat!


I just realized I’m supposed to be in clusters right now, so I’ll explain what they are for the heck of it.  Oh, we’re blogging in class again today.  The d on this keyboard is being annoying.

So clusters are basically our gifte program.  Everyone who was in SPACE in elementary school can sign up.  I signed up for creative writing this semester, but so far I think I’ve missed it two out of three times.  In case you don’t know what SPACE is, it’s the gifted program.  I forget what it really stood for, but we always joked that it meant Special People At Chaffee Elementary.  Well, it wasn’t only our school though, so that isn’t really right.  Anyway, clusters are a variety of things that we can do instead of class once a week.  Last semester, I took the Stock Market Game cluster during science on Tuesdays.  This semester I’m in Creative Writing.  I’ll probably end up quitting, considering I’ve already missed most of them so far.  Something is wrong with the weather in Alabama.  I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and I’m not cold at all.  Then again, I am just a weirdo who doesn’t really ever get cold.  Either way, it’s supposed to get to 70 degrees.  Is it really still February, or did it change months when I wasn’t looking?  And now I’m off topic.  Goodbye people of the world, I’m skipping school tomorrow.  Seriously, I’m going to Auburn for a band thing, so I won’t be at school.  I think there’s a problem with the g, too.  G and D are stubborn!

More… Snow…

Well, the global warming theory is officially busted.  I forgot to blog about the whole week we didn’t go to school for snow.  Last year we had our first-ever snow day, and I figured that was also the last we’d ever have.  Apparently I was wrong.  So we had to skip school for a week earlier in the year.  I can’t remember exactly when, but I’m pretty sure it was early last month.  Then I decided that was the end of it, but again nature decided against me.  We got snowed out last Thursday.  There’s been some sort of bug going around, my little brother had it first, and I ended up with a five-day weekend!  See, I actually started to get sick Wednsday, but I ignored it.  Stomach ache decided to get really bad on Thursday, and I discovered I had a fever.  It wasn’t a very high one, and it never really got that bad, but I ended up still sick on Monday.  Now I’m completely better, though.  It seems that wasn’t really the best time to get sick, but yesterday was a good time to get better.  We did something involving Play-Doh in geography.  Band is going to make this week hectic, with after school practice again today.  There’s some sort of Family Night or something tomorrow, and we’re playing at that.  Then on Friday, we get to skip school.  There’s a concert thing in Auburn University, and we’re going to be there all day.  For some reason, several teachers decided that Friday was a perfect day for a test, so the rest of this week is going to be hectic.  Not to mention there’s a blogging assignment I only just found out about.  Missing school is so much fun, until I have to come back.  I didn’t know we’d need our textbooks today, so I’m kinda stuck.  Oh, yeah, we’re blogging during class again.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I hope we don’t have more snow for a while.  I lost the game.  That’s not really popular anymore, and I haven’t lost in about a week.  Darn.  There goes a chance at a winning streak.  Okay, I think this random post is over now.  Oh, hey, class is about to end.  Perfect timing.  Bye!


Wow… I actually had my first (and likely last) white Christmas ever!  It never snows here in Huntsville!  Last year, though, was when I had my first day off for snow.  Funny how that happened right after the whole “Global Warming!  We’re gonna die!” thing.  This week, we’ve already had Monday and today off, and tomorrow has also been canceled.  I’m hoping it lasts the whole week!  Probably won’t though.  Oh, and nobody cares about football!  I’m an Auburn fan because of my dad, and I only care that they won because Bama fans are rude.  Yay!

Wow this is late

Yeah… I haven’t blogged in forever, and I completely forgot about this.  I’m not getting credit, am I?  Oh well.  Funny how I’m doing English while I’m supposed to be doing other English :D.  Writing mysteries is fun!

So Sammy thinks it was murder.  There was an empty bottle of sleep pills by the bed, and the death was credited to that.  But when the police did a check, she came out negative for drugs (the pills).  Before that, though, Sammy starts trying to figure out who did it.  Opal (if I didn’t explain her tell me) had apparently stolen some of Max’s (landlord) jewels.  LeBrandi had found out and blackmailed her for a piece.  That explains the brooch in the sock that Sammy used to unlock the door.  Sammy decided that it might have been Opal (she had been thinking possibly her mother) and went to talk to her.  Opal denied doing it, and Sammy believed her.  After a while, she realized: LeBrandi was in her mother’s room.  They both now had blond hair.  Whoever killed LeBrandi meant to kill her mother!

After a while, Sammy realized that there was a vent outside Max’s office, but not inside.  That didn’t make sense.  Then she discovered (after a bit of climbing into odd places and almost getting caught) a secret room in Max’s office.  She went in to shred her Mom’s contract while her mother was at dinner with Max.  I’ve forgotten the details, but Marissa starts looking at dresses.  Sammy finds another secret room behind there with Claire’s mummy in it.  After a few minutes she discovers Max’s theory.  He thinks her mother is Claire!  And he also seems to think that if they both die at the same time, they will be reborn together.  Sammy and Marissa rush to the fancy restaurant.  At first it seems like all is fine, but then… there was poison in the wine!  Max was trying to kill both of them!  Sammy found salt and mixed it with a little coffee and used it to force her mother to vomit.  In the end, Max died, her mother revealed that she was Lana Keyes not Dominique Windsor, the contract was broken, and Sammy went home.

I hope I didn’t spoil anybody’s ending who was reading the book!  And I hope I get at least a little credit… please?  Oh well, I can’t expect too much.


I’m probably not getting credit for any of this, considering I completely forgot to do it and lost track of time until just now.  According to my parents, blogging homework isn’t homework, and plus I kept forgetting.  So… yeah.  The music that just came on (sad and kinda slow) seriously doesn’t match my mood.  I’m going to end up depressed from listening to sad music while I’m angry/annoyed at myself, but I don’t care.

So when Sammy and Marissa get there, it’s late.  If I haven’t already mentioned, Sammy’s mother had dyed her hair pale blond (that spelling doesn’t look right, but I’ll trust spellcheck).  She was competing with a friend of hers who was staying in the same apartment/hotel/house thing as her.  The friend had dyed her hair too.  (hey, this is a mystery.  I try to pay attention to small details like that in case they’re important)  (oh great.  happy music.  really matches my mood, considering that other music made me depressed)  So LeBrandi (the friend)  swapped rooms with Sammy’s mother because she had only one bed.  Sammy and Marissa go to bed, and Dominique Windsor (mother’s false name) goes to sleep in the other bed.  At about 3am, Sammy wakes up and hears thumping from her mother’s room.  About five minutes later, her mother comes back into the room from the restroom.  The next morning, they were going to swap back rooms at about 6:30.  LeBrandi doesn’t wake up, and the door’s privacy lock is closed, so they dig through LeBrandi’s things to find something to undo it with.  Sammy gets jabbed by the back of a ruby brooch with a snake on it, so they use that to unlock the door with.  They go inside and find LeBrandi… dead. There is an empty bottle of sleep pills by the bed, but Sammy has a bad feeling about the thumping.  It feels more like murder.  I’ll stop this one here.

Bad spot to leave off isn’t it?  I’m going to do other work now so it seems like I’m doing something to my parents.  I’ll try to finish the others tonight.

Mystery Book

Wow this computer bugs me.  It’s taking forever to load!!!  Oh well.

So…  We are kind of supposed to do four posts on our mystery book, but I already finished, so I have to only write about a section or something, and it’s bugging me.  Grrr…

So, starting from the begining and ending who knows where, here’s the summary of the book (not all the way through, though).  There is a 3-day weekend, and Sammy and Marissa have decided to go to Hollywood.  They go straight to the bus station after school, and make sure Grams doesn’t find out until they’re on the bus.  They get to Hollywood, and discover that it’s nowhere near as neat as it always looks on TV.  After a while, the two of them get a taxi and go to the building where Sammy’s mother lives.  When they get there, Grams has told Sammy’s mother that they were coming.  Lana Keyes, Sammy’s mother, is going by the name of Dominique Windsor and pretending to be 25 so she can be an actress.

Oh my gosh I forgot to publish this!  I just saved the draft!  Oops!  Please don’t give me a zero.  I just remembered this morning, and since my computer is broken, I haven’t been able to get on one until just now.  This part here is the only part I added today.  I’m sorry it’s late!

About the Author… Take 3!

I decided to ditch the iPad.  Sorry, it just stinks at typing.  I saw Mrs. Seeley at Fresh Market today!  So this is my little sister’s computer, and hopefully my third try at typing this post will work.  My first two were on the iPad, which stinks at typing.  Okay, now on with the post.

The “About the Author” page was really short.  This isn’t really a summary, more of a re-worded version of the exact same thing.  Wendelin Van Draanen is the author of the Sammy Keyes books.  The book I chose is Sammy Keys and the Hollywood Mummy.  Van Draanen has had many different jobs, including a fork lift driver and a high school teacher.  She is now a full-time writer.  Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief, the first in the series, won the 1999 Edgar Allan Poe Award for children’s mystery.  Van Draanen lives in California with a husband and two sons.  Her hobbies include running, reading, and rock ‘n’ roll.

That’s really all it says, and I did try to rephrase everything.  Wait, rephrase is a word according to spellcheck?  Or did I succeed in turning spellcheck off?  Oh well.